Paediatric Pulmonologist in Mumbai

Paediatric Pulmonologist

If a child has breathing problems or a problem with his or her lungs a paediatric pulmonologist has the experience and qualifications to treat that child. Paediatric pulmonologists diagnose and treat children with breathing and lung diseases.Dr Sagar Sawarankar is a paediatric pulmonologist in Mumbai who is known for his best treatment for paediatric pulmonology in Mumbai.He holds super specialisation in Interventional pulmonology and sleep disordered breathing. Dr. Sagar S Warnkar is best children asthma treatment specialist in Mumbai He has volumes of experience in treating the child cases related to lung disease and obstructive airways diseases. He is considered as best paediatric pulmonologist in navi Mumbai and paediatric pulmonologist in Mumbai.

Sanjivani clinic is a specialised centre for diagnose and treatment of allergy,asthma and lung disease.With all the latest state of the art facilities we provide best treatment for paediatric pulmonology in Mumbai.Our team of doctors and experts provide effective treatment for various types of lung diseases like Interstitial lung disease (ILD), Cough, Asthma, Allergy, Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), Lung cancer, Respiratory failure, Pulmonary hypertension, Pneumonia, Tuberculosis, Sleep apnea and Lung infections. Paediatric pulmonologists know how to examine and treat young children and teens in ways that help them relax and cooperate.Our team of doctors offers best treatment for paediatric pulmonology in Mumbai.

Dr. Sagar S Warankar working as Pediatric Pulmonologist and Allergist, Consultant in NH SRCC Children's Hospital in Mahalakshmi, Zen Multi Speciality Hospital in Chembur Gaothan, Chembur, Mumbai, Jupiter Hospital in Thane, Surya Hospitals in Santacruz, Apollo Hospitals in Nerul, Yewale Hospital in Vashi, Kanumuri Hospitals in Guntur