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Chronic lung disease

A long term respiratory problem in children is called as chronic lung is also called as Broncho pulmonary dysplasia (BPD).Chronic lung disease is often found in premature babies. Broncho pulmonary dysplasia, occurs when a new-born’s lungs have been injured. Damaged tissue inside the baby's lungs becomes inflamed and may break down, causing scarring. This scarring can make it difficult for a new born to breathe, in which case the baby will need oxygen therapy.DrSagar Sawarankar is a child lung specialist in Mumbai and child lung specialist in navi Mumbai.He is considered as one of the best child lung specialist in Mumbai and best child lung specialist in navi Mumbai. We have best and experienced children asthma pneumonia specialist at our Hospitals in Mumbai

Our team of doctors and experts will give the best treatment to your child for chronic lung disease as Dr Sagar Sawarankar is a child lung specialist in Navi Mumbai.


Babies showing following symptoms may be diagnosed with chronic lung disease-

  1. Rapid breathing or grunting
  2. Faring nostrils
  3. Wheezing
  4. Chest retractions
  5. Tiring during and after feeding
  1. Use of the oxygen (high concentrations of oxygen can damage the cells of the lungs)
  2. Prematurity of the baby (The lungs, especially the air sacs, are not fully developed)
  3. Low amounts of surfactant (a substance in the lungs that helps keep the tiny air sacs open)

The treatment of the chronic lung disease depend on how severe it is and how early it has been diagnosed.We provide best treatment for child lung disease.Our team of doctors is considered as child lung specialist in Mumbai and best child lung specialist in navi Mumbai.

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