Children Wheezing Treatment Specialist in Mumbai


Wheezing mean a high pitched whistling sound while breathing which is often related to breathing difficulties. It may occur during breathing in or breathing out. In most cases wheezing is caused by the sound of air trying to move through the breathing tubes of the lungs when they become narrow or tight. The breathing tubes are often called the airways of the lungs. Because a child's airways are so small, any lower respiratory infection such as respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) can cause wheezing in children. Dr. Sagar S Warankar is best children lung specialist in Mumbai Sometimes a choking episode causeswheezing.Wheezing can be caused by a structural abnormality in the airways or an issue with the vocal cords.Dr Sagar Swarankarholds volume of experience in child wheezing treatment in Mumbai as he is considered child wheezing specialist in Mumbai.

Wheezing is also a sign for asthma in children as the child might experience following symptoms-

  1. Tightness or pain in chest
  2. Coughing at night
  3. Breathing problems or chest pain during any physical activity
  4. Allergies and infection in air tubes.

We give the best treatment for child wheezing in navi Mumbai as we have the best team of doctors and experts.A child's risk of asthma is higher if he or she has an allergic condition, such as eczema or a food allergy, or if there is a family history of asthma or allergic conditions.We specialise in child wheezing treatment in navi Mumbai and child wheezing treatment in Mumbai.


Some of the most common cause of wheezing are as following-

  1. Cough and cold
  2. Dust and Smoke
  3. Pneumonia
  4. Allergies
  5. Flue and Fever
  6. Asthma

The treatment of wheezing depends on the diagnosis and severity of the problem.Coughing and wheezing not always end up in asthma.It can be controlled and minimized by taking proper medical treatment.Our treatment is considered as one of the best treatment for child wheezing in navi Mumbai as the patients are treated by the child wheezing specialist in Mumbai.

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