Children Asthma Treatment Specialist in Mumbai


Asthma is a chronic disorder in which a person experiences continuous problems in breathing. This is because the lungs and airways become easily inflamed which makes it very difficult for a person to breathe. Childhood asthma is also somewhat similar to asthma in adults but they face unique challenges. Unmanaged asthma can bring severe asthmatic attack in children. Sometimes asthma can also lead to hospitalisation of a child.Dr Sagar Swarankar is known for best treatment of asthma in Mumbai.He holds volumes of experience in handling asthma cases.He is considered as a specialist in treatment of asthma in Mumbai and best treatment of asthma in navi Mumbai.

child asthma treatment

When breathing becomes difficult and airways get irritated more than normal it is called as asthma flare-up or an asthma attack.A flare up can result in sweating and heart beat faster than normal while sitting normally. We gives best children wheezing treatment in Mumbai problems, In children if immediate medication during a flare up it can result in worse.Our treatment for asthma in Mumbai is considered as one of the best treatment for asthma in Mumbai and best treatment for asthma in navi Mumbai.


Things that can cause you to have an asthma flare-up are called triggers Different kids have different triggers.Some of the most common triggers that result in a flare up or asthma attack are-

  1. breathing in cold air
  2. breathing in things that cause allergies
  3. Irritation in the airways by cigarette smoke,perfumes,traffic dust etc.
  4. infections like cold and flue
  1. A whistling or wheezing sound when breathing out
  2. Shortness of breath
  3. Chest congestion or tightness
  4. frequent coughing

Dr Sagar Swarankar is a specialist in asthama treatment in navi Mumbai.He is considered as a child specialist for treatment of pneumonia in Mumbai and treatment for asthma in Mumbai.

  1. Inherited from the parents
  2. Developed infection in the airways at a young age
  3. Tendency to develop allergies
  4. Environmental factors

There are various reasons for asthma in children as well as in adults but with proper diagnose and treatment it can be minimised and kept under control.We have the best treatment for asthma in Mumbai and best treatment for asthma in navi Mumbai.

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