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Pneumonia is an infection that inflames your lungs' air sacs (alveoli). The air sacs may fill up with fluid or pus, causing symptoms such as a cough, fever, chills and trouble breathing. It normally starts with a fungal, viral or bacterial infection.Every Human body responds differently to Pneumonia depending on various factors like type of germ infection, age of the person and overall health. Pneumonia can occur in all age groups but it affects the most people with vulnerable immune system like infants, older age people and people with some other disease. Dr. Sagar S Warankar is a best child asthma pneumonia specialist in Mumbai and asthma pneumonia doctor in navi Mumbai. Sanjeevani Clinic is best hospital for asthma treatment center. He do treatment for Children Allergy at his hospitals in Mumbai

In children and infants pneumonia can be life threatening as the immune system in children is not fully grown. If a child does develop pneumonia, it is usually due to a virus. We have the best child asthma specialist in navi Mumbai and our team of doctors and experts are considered as one of the best child asthma pneumonia doctor in Mumbai.


Signs and Symptoms of pneumonia include the following

  1. Shortness of breath
  2. Cough which may produce greenish, yellow or even bloody mucus
  3. Nausea and vomiting, especially in small children
  4. Fever and cough
  5. Sweating and shaking chills
  6. Abdominal pain in children

We give specialised care and best pneumonia treatment in Mumbai and best treatment for pneumonia in Navi Mumbai.Our child asthma doctor in Mumbai is considered as child asthma pneumonia specialist in Mumbai.

  1. Bacteria and virus are the main cause of pneumonia.
  2. Pneumonia can be contagious. The bacteria and viruses that cause pneumonia are usually inhaled.
  3. Kids with pneumonia caused by bacteria usually become sick fairly quickly, starting with a sudden high fever and unusually fast breathing.
  4. Kids with pneumonia caused by viruses probably will have symptoms that appear more gradually and are less severe, though wheezing can be more common.

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